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    “Sunsetting the Code” Press Event

    sunsetting 1

    Lew Uhler joined with Colin Hanna (Let Freedom Ring), Grover Norquist (ATR), Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) Chairman of House Judiciary and Co Author of HR27 (Sunsetting the Tax Code) and other House co-sponsors, as well as Dick Patten (Death Tax Foe) at the House Triangle last Thursday to highlight ending the current code and getting on with major, growth inducing tax reform.


    Lew Uhler and Paul Ryan Collaborate


    Recently, Lew Uhler met with Speaker Paul Ryan. This picture
    was taken on February 10th, in Washington DC at a birthday party honoring
    Rep. Jim Jordan Ohio, which is part of Paul’s effort to reach out to the
    Freedom Caucus of which Jim Jordan is the chairman.


    NTLC / NTLF Partner with Heartland to...


    A Roadmap for Congress and the 45th President of the United States

    NTLC / NTLF Partner with the Heartland Institute to help Ryan and Company Frame the Key Issues / Legislation for 2016 and Beyond

    As we head into Presidential Election year 2016, strife continues to plague the conservative side of the aisle in terms of the Presidency, policy and legislative direction and choices. To the extent that we can, we should find common ground…


    Realizing The Super Bowl Of American Economic...


    By Lew Uhler and Peter Ferrara
    Just as no team can win the Super Bowl that cannot advance the ball more than their opponent, the American economy cannot create jobs, incomes and wealth moving the ball down the field less effectively than our international competitors.

    But that is what has been happening for the last seven years under Obama and his policies: fewer yards gained and too few points on the scoreboard. In fact, this…


    Our Founder, Lew Uhler Awarded Reagan’s Tax...



    On August 13, 2015, the Young America’s Foundation celebrates the anniversary of Reagan’s Tax Cut at the historic “Rancho del Cielo” better known as Reagan’s Ranch.

    After the key note speech of Congressman Tom McClintock, Young America’s Foundation awarded our founder, Lew Uhler,  the proverbial “Tax Ax” – a replica of such an award received by Ronald Reagan from his supporters.


    Ted Cruz’s Tax Plan: Creating Jobs and...

    tax (1)

    By Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara


    The tax-reform proposal unveiled by Ted Cruz last week is a transformative, intellectually dominating and economically and politically revolutionary for 2016 as Kemp-Roth was in 1980.  Indeed, even more so.

    Cruz’s plan would scrap the current income tax code and replace it with a simple, single, flat rate of 10%, to be paid by everybody on everything – wages, profits, capital gains, dividends, rent,…