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    Task Force Report, “A Better Way To...

    While the Democrat Party has been making a hard left turn during the Primary season – and now – at its Philadelphia convention, Paul Ryan and House Republicans have continued to provide a “Road Map” to restore our Constitution and American exceptionalism.

    The Task Force Report, “A Better Way to Uphold Our Constitution,” may be the most important of all because restoring Congress’ power of the purse and control over law / rulemaking authority is…


    Regulation And Our Energy Future: How To...

    On the eve of the Republican Convention it is only fitting that we share with you further aspects of the Ryan Report “How to Grow the Economy” revealing the heavy cost to you, our nation and our economy of executive federal regulation as confirmed in a House Budget Committee hearing recently and highlighted in today’s Washington Times Uhler / Ferrara op-ed “Government Is the Problem, Not the Solution” (click here for the op-ed).

    Solid Conservative…


    Report Of The House Task Force On...

    As we approach Independence Day, it is only fitting that we consider the House Republican report on national defense with common sense recommendations that include:

    Restore “peace through strength” of the Reagan era by revitalizing our military establishment.
    Stop “leading from behind” – the Obama approach – which has undermined our friends and encouraged our enemies.
    Defeat Islamic terrorists by recognizing and naming them as our enemy and eradicating them wherever they are.
    Restore homeland…


    Pro-Growth Tax Reform

    Here is the next exciting installment of the Ryan Policy / Working Groups: “Pro-growth Tax Reform.”  Key elements of the tax reform proposal, which is designed to create new jobs, investment and rapid economic growth, and to simplify the tax code, include:

    Reducing the number of tax brackets from 7 to 3, bringing down tax rates for everyone
    Virtually doubling the standard deduction
    Reducing non-corporate business taxes from a high of 45% to 25%


    Ryan’s Obamacare Liberation A Republican Alternative Promises...

    Today’s feature is the Ryan report on repealing Obamacare with user friendly, patient oriented plan that provides for:

    Lower healthcare costs
    Patient power and choice
    Elimination of employer and individual mandates
    Medicaid returned to the states
    Tax credits and health savings accounts
    Medicare improvements
    Protection for those uninsured with pre-existing conditions
    Repeals trillions in unnecessary, counterproductive, Obamacare taxes, spending and federal regulations.
    And more

    For a full discussion, please see the Uhler / Ferrara op-ed…


    Poverty, Upward Mobility

    Amidst the ‘’fallout” of Orlando, and the bitter crossfire on Obama’s failure to identify the enemy, some very positive things are happening that can move the nation forward on important policies for the future.  Speaker Paul Ryan’s policy Task Forces, with which we have been working, have been issuing proposals for America’s future which include:

    Poverty, opportunity and upward mobility
    Repealing and replacing Obamacare
    Executive overreach and how to restore separation of powers
    National defense…