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    Explosive Energy Industry Growth

    With Monday’s action of the electoral college affirming the election of Donald Trump as President, we can get politics (somewhat) behind us and now focus on policy and program.
    Of course, NTLC has been doing this all along as we have worked with Donald Trump and team, and with Paul Ryan on the House Republican “Better Way” proposals to rebuild America.
    Last week we sent you our first two reports:
    Major Growth…


    Disabling Senate Filibuster Abuse

    President-Elect Trump continues to make great cabinet and other appointments and to move in the right policy directions.
    However, he and Republican Congressional leaders have to be prepared for maximum Senate Democrat resistance to legislation and appointees through the use of the filibuster “weapon”.  Restraining that unilateral power will be key to our success as outlined in “Disabling Senate Filibuster Abuse” – The Washington Times, December 8, 2016, by Lew Uhler and Peter Ferrara…


    NTLC is joining forces with the Heartland...

    Some very good news – we are beginning the process, with our partners at Heartland Institute, of distributing the reports we have prepared on substantive issues that can help Trump, Ryan and Company and our colleagues nationally (click here for the Introduction, Tax Reform and Ending Obamacare reports).
    The need to get on with reform legislation is underscored by Trump’s unilateral action with Carrier Corporation (click here to review our Daily Caller article of…


    New Dawn in America

    It is truly a time for Thanksgiving as we begin a “new dawn in America”.  The razor-thin vote margins, in key battleground states necessary for victory, have prompted some to conclude divine intervention. 

    We have just returned from a week in Washington DC where we huddled with individuals and organizations key to the success of the Trump administration and Congressional reforms.

    We met independently with Kevin Seifert who runs Paul Ryan’s political arm “Team Ryan”…


    Hillary / Obama Democrats vs. Kennedy Democrats

    We feel that Hillary’s tax proposal is the single most important reflection of the new Bernie Sanders-driven socialist Democrat party (click here to review “Hillary / Obama Democrats vs. Kennedy Democrats” in today’s Investor’s Business Daily by Ferrara / Uhler).

    Beyond policy and program considerations it has become clear that Hillary Clinton must not be entrusted with the presidency.  She has misused and abused power for nearly 30 years.

    The breach of national security resulting…


    Killing Obamacare “Black Flag” dead and sending...

    Paul Ryan is on the road to 45 cities in 17 states, doing more than 100 events in key Congressional Districts, starting earlier in the week in Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s 26th Congressional District in Florida.

    Paul is emphasizing the “Better Way” policies and programs his House Republicans have developed over the year and which we at NTLC have been circulating and publicizing as the best of the best – and what America can look like….