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    Putting Congress Back in Control of Tax...


    As posted in the Washington Times July 9, 2014:

    By Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara

    House Speaker John A. Boehner is confronted by a president who has become virtually lawless: He runs roughshod over existing laws and legislation by changing them or not enforcing them, in complete violation of the separation of powers under Article II, Section 3. Administrative agencies under his jurisdiction issue rules and edicts beyond the scope ever intended by Congress in its enabling legislation….


    Wal-Mart Paying $17.40 to New Cashiers


    According to a post by Mark Perry on the AEI-Ideas.org website, the Wal-Mart in Williston North Dakota is advertising that they are looking for new cashiers. VIEW HIS POST HERE

    Nothing new there, but what they’re paying is, $17.40 an hour. And why? It’s the economy stupid! Many, especially those in the liberal media and on the left side of the isle in state and federal legislative positions, must have missed the “supply and demand” portion…


    Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional


    It’s basic logic to hire, keep, promote and reward the best employees who provide the best performance, unless you’re the government. Maybe this can be the start to some positive change in government employment practices:

    From KCRA.com

     →  LOS ANGELES —California’s tenure protections for public school teachers were ruled unconstitutional Tuesday by a judge presiding in a lawsuit brought by nine students.

    Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu cited the historic case of…


    VA Scandal A Warning For Us All


    From the May 30, 2014 Investors Business Daily:

    by NTLC President Lew Uhler and Policy Advisor Peter Ferrara 

    → Revelations of the failed Veterans Affairs medical system give new insight into how ObamaCare might work out for the rest of us if we don’t repeal and replace it with a free-market, doctor-patient-driven alternative. The VA horror of misdiagnoses, staff indifference and interminable waits for doctor visits all presage what we will surely experience under ObamaCare unless…


    Uhler Awards McConnell Tax Fighter Award


    Last week National Tax-Limitation Committee President Lew Uhler awarded Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) his well-deserved “Tax Fighter Award” for his votes during the 112th Congress.

    NTLC has awarded the “Tax Fighter Award” to members of the house and senate for nearly four decades. The NTLC scorecard is the oldest Congressional Scorecard on record.


    Congressional Hearings Supported by NTLC


    The National Tax-Limitation Committee recognizes that a successful way to better educate and make the general public aware of congressional activities is to bring congress to the people. NTLC President Lew Uhler has been working with congressional leaders and advocacy groups to bring congressional hearings to cities throughout the country, most recently in Michigan.



    The purpose of these hearings are to better involve local residents and media in the oversight and regulatory reviews…