Lew Uhler
Founder and President

Our Mission Statement

The National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC) was organized in 1975. Its mission has been: To provide national leadership to achieve the optimal size and functions of government and promote candidates and initiatives that support these goals.

What We Believe In

Limited government as envisioned by our founding fathers and embodied in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Lower tax rates and reduced government spending so as to maximize human freedom and economic liberty.
A role for government that will promote equality of opportunity not equality of outcomes.

Lew Uhler in front of the West Wing of the White House

Kirk Uhler, Executive Director of NTLC








Lew with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Chairman Cohn, Director of the National Economic Council across the table.

Lew Uhler and Speaker Paul Ryan










Congressman Tom McClintock and Stephen Moore Launch the “Tax Reform Truth Squad” Kickoff August 18th

Stephen Moore, Key Architect to the Trump Tax Plan, and Lew Uhler at Truth Squad Kickoff

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    Congress Makes Big Progress On Pro-Growth Tax...

    LEWIS K. UHLER and PETER J. FERRARA 10/12/2017

    The so-called “do nothing Congress” is making amazing progress toward major, pro-growth tax reform. Last week the House passed a budget (first time in over a decade), enabling us to use reconciliation (51 votes) in the Senate for tax reform. Just before that, the Trump administration joined congressional tax writing committees to issue a “Unified, Pro-Growth, Republican Tax Reform Plan.”

    The architects of “progressivism” (Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders)…


    Toward real tax reform – While bipartisanship...

    By Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara – – Thursday, September 14, 2017

    The evening news and front pages are dominated by natural disasters. But our federal tax code is an unnatural disaster strangling America with long-term stagnation. To restore booming growth, America needs tax reform as proposed by President Trump and Republican Congressional leaders, who are virtually “singing off the same sheet.”

    But Mr. Trump’s recent “deal” with Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy…


    How Corporate Tax Reform Can Grow The...

    LEWIS K. UHLER and PETER J. FERRARA 9/01/2017

    The American economy suffers the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world, if not the entire world at nearly 40% (35% federal and an average of about 5% state).

    By comparison, corporate rates in Asia average half that at 20.1% and in Europe less than half, at 18.9%. Ireland offers a corporate tax rate of 12.5%. Canada now has a 15% corporate rate. The United Kingdom…


    Tax Reform Truth Squad Kick Off

    We are creating a “Tax Reform Truth Squad,” having observed what has happened to Obamacare repeal / replace in the absence of a well-informed grassroots support group (we have framed the issue(s), our plan and budget in the attached “proposal”.  We will be creating a model for not only tax reform but subsequent legislative issues, and framing the grassroots citizen education requirements).  

    We launched our “Tax Reform Truth Squad” effort formally on August 18th…


    Tax Reform Truth Squad: Facts And Honest...

    August 11, 2017 6:15 PM ET

    The battle for major growth-inducing tax reform has started and already the Democrats and progressives are engaged in all they seem to know: class warfare and the politics of envy.

    Last week, Senate Democrats proclaimed that they will not support any tax reform that cuts federal income taxes for the top 1% of income earners. They seem to forget that when President Kennedy came…



    The setback we experienced in repealing and replacing Obamacare was disappointing, but instructive. Important elements of our society at large were not convinced and we found the same with our conservative base – AND we didn’t have in place the support system (“Healthcare Reform Truth Squad”) that understood the issues and could help us. We must change this for tax reform with a “Tax Reform Truth Squad.”