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    Hillary / Obama Democrats vs. Kennedy Democrats

    We feel that Hillary’s tax proposal is the single most important reflection of the new Bernie Sanders-driven socialist Democrat party (click here to review “Hillary / Obama Democrats vs. Kennedy Democrats” in today’s Investor’s Business Daily by Ferrara / Uhler).

    Beyond policy and program considerations it has become clear that Hillary Clinton must not be entrusted with the presidency.  She has misused and abused power for nearly 30 years.

    The breach of national security resulting…


    Killing Obamacare “Black Flag” dead and sending...

    Paul Ryan is on the road to 45 cities in 17 states, doing more than 100 events in key Congressional Districts, starting earlier in the week in Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s 26th Congressional District in Florida.

    Paul is emphasizing the “Better Way” policies and programs his House Republicans have developed over the year and which we at NTLC have been circulating and publicizing as the best of the best – and what America can look like….


    Trump’s tax reform is absolutely Reaganesque

    Donald Trump clearly won the last debate, yet many key Republicans are acting as if he lost or as if it didn’t matter.

    Realize: We are not choosing between a saint and a sinner.  We are confronted with two sinners.  But Hillary has committed a series of mortal sins (email abuse and supervision, Benghazi, bimbo “abuses”, “pay to play”, Foundation and speaking abuses, etc.) while Donald’s sins are venial and forgivable.

    And amidst it all,…


    Trump trumps Hillary with outstanding policy.

    The jury is still out on Monday night’s debate.  But the policy results are clear:  Trump has won hands down.  Never the less, he needs to better articulate his policies on the key issues that confront and challenge our nation and on which Paul Ryan and House Republicans have issued some first rate reports:

    Growth-inducing tax reform
    Spending control – send “safety net” programs to the states with finite block grants and a work requirement…


    Who will you choose to appoint the...

    In anticipation of today’s (September 26th) debate, consider the most important issue confronting our nation:  Who will be appointed to the multiple future vacancies of the United States Supreme Court and control of the Court – and our nation – for the next 30 years.

    Please consider the issues and arguments presented in the Uhler / Ferrara “Daily Caller” op-ed (click here) and share with colleagues, family and friends.


    Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway! Trump can become...

    Congratulations to our longtime friend Kellyanne Conway for her selection by Donald Trump as his new campaign manager.  It was a wise choice.

    Kellyanne brings not only a thoughtful woman’s perspective but a pollster’s sharp-eyed analysis of what is necessary for victory in a turn-around situation where Trump’s “favorables” need to be increased dramatically.

    With this email we continue our series on how Trump can become one of America’s outstanding presidents through a series of…