Surprise! Another CA Business Chooses Lower Taxes

Torrance, CA – At the National Tax-Limitation Committee, based not far from the California Capitol in Sacramento, we read these stories and shake our heads.


From Business Insider:
→ Toyota is relocating its sales headquarters from California to Texas to bring its various U.S. operations, which are currently spread across the country, into once space, Reuters reports.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry reportedly courted Toyota by promising lower taxes and easier regulations, according to Bloomberg.

Sales, service, marketing, advertising, manufacturing, and quality operations will relocate to suburban Dallas, according to Reuters. Employees will be informed of the move on Monday, and some will be offered relocation packages and financial assistance.

The relocation is a blow to California, which holds the biggest auto market in the U.S. Toyota has more than 5,300 employees in California, most of whom work at the Torrance headquarters near Los Angeles, Bloomberg reports.

Moving Toyota’s headquarters will take several years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The LA Times notes that 75% of Toyota’s cars that are sold in the U.S. are built in America — mostly at plants in Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky — so the relocation will place the automaker’s headquarters closer to its production centers.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/toyota-is-moving-its-us-headquarters-from-california-to-texas-2014-4#ixzz30Ca6F6Gv 

When will the people of California wake-up? You almost can’t blame the state legislators, they were elected by a populace who don’t seem to notice, or mind, that this is happening.  And it’s happening a lot. Maybe those in the city of Torrance might be a little more aware as 5,000+ employees find themselves unemployed. This means all the local shops, small business and big business locations that were around these offices will also lose business. Many will close. Then those people will lose their jobs, and the cycle continues. When will the cycle end? When the people of California elect legislators who care about the economy, care about jobs, care about free enterprise and actually start caring about the people who make California work.

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