Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway! Trump can become one of America’s outstanding presidents!

Congratulations to our longtime friend Kellyanne Conway for her selection by Donald Trump as his new campaign manager.  It was a wise choice.

Kellyanne brings not only a thoughtful woman’s perspective but a pollster’s sharp-eyed analysis of what is necessary for victory in a turn-around situation where Trump’s “favorables” need to be increased dramatically.

With this email we continue our series on how Trump can become one of America’s outstanding presidents through a series of common sense policies and decisions armed at restoring American exceptionalism – and yes, greatness – while demonstrating that Trump has the ideas and qualities that our fellow conservative Republicans can embrace.

We focused first on Trump’s excellent tax reform / economic growth proposal presented to the Detroit Economic Club, emulating Reagan’s famous 1980 speech to the Club in which he outlined his tax reform plan that led to his Presidency and amazing economic growth for America (to review the Uhler / Ferrara analysis and the role Paul Ryan and his House team have played in shaping Trump’s proposals click here).

This edition emphasizes Trump’s critical role in appointing US Supreme Court and other Federal judges who will shape American for decades to come… (we simply can’t leave that to Hillary!) (click here to review the Uhler / Ferrara article that appeared recently in – and please forward it to your associates, friends and family).

Watch for our next email on a conservative Republican / Trump plan to end poverty in America.

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