Trump trumps Hillary with outstanding policy.

The jury is still out on Monday night’s debate.  But the policy results are clear:  Trump has won hands down.  Never the less, he needs to better articulate his policies on the key issues that confront and challenge our nation and on which Paul Ryan and House Republicans have issued some first rate reports:

  • Growth-inducing tax reform
  • Spending control – send “safety net” programs to the states with finite block grants and a work requirement following the 1996 Reagan welfare reform model
  • Repealing and replacing Obamacare
  • End executive overreach, i.e., Presidential rule by decree instead of Congressional rule by law
  • Back stop the energy industry in America for explosive growth
  • Repairing our national defense
  • And, now, the new and critically important one: restoring law and order and respect for law enforcement and our people in blue

We are sending along (click here) our soon to be published analysis of Trump’s outstanding tax reform proposal.  All of us must become a cheering section for ending the tax code as we know it and replacing it with this well-designed model.

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