New Dawn in America

It is truly a time for Thanksgiving as we begin a “new dawn in America”.  The razor-thin vote margins, in key battleground states necessary for victory, have prompted some to conclude divine intervention. 

We have just returned from a week in Washington DC where we huddled with individuals and organizations key to the success of the Trump administration and Congressional reforms.

We met independently with Kevin Seifert who runs Paul Ryan’s political arm “Team Ryan” and Dave Hoppe, Ryan’s Chief of Staff in the Speaker’s Office, to discuss how we can best help to educate citizens nationally on the various Ryan (and Trump) proposals and create support for remedial legislation – tax reform, repeal and replacement of Obamacare, unleashing our energy industry and more.  (Click here for the Uhler / Ferrara Daily Caller op-ed of November 21st, “Speaker Ryan Leads Republicans to a ‘Better Way’.”)

We convened a session of the Tax Cut Working Group Coalition which NTLC coordinates with the 60+ Association (Jim Martin) and CATO (Dan Mitchell).  We invited Grace-Marie Turner and Doug Badger of the Galen Institute to lead discussion of the best design and timing of a healthcare alternative to Obamacare.  And of course we talked about the best legislation procedures to follow to kill the Death Tax and achieve major tax reform.

We participated in the post election gathering of the Council for National Policy (CNP) and a meeting of the Conservative Leadership Summit (leaders of key national conservative fiscal, social and Christian organizations).  In the course of these meetings, we had an opportunity to hear from and exchange ideas with, Steve Moore, Larry Kudlow, George Gilder, Bill Walton, Ed Meese, Becky Norton Dunlop, Cleta Mitchell, Tom Delay and many, many more.  And we reviewed “Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter” which should be consoling to many of our friends (Click here).

The level of positive anticipation could not be higher – and of course Trump’s selection of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor and Congressman Mike Pompeo as director of the Central Intelligence Agency are great choices.

We can enjoy a truly thankful Thanksgiving.

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