Roadmap to The 21st Century


This paper — the fifth in the Roadmap series — describes the key role energy deregulation will play in launching an economic boom in the United States.


Authors Peter Ferrara and Lew Uhler describe a “technology-driven energy revolution” that has unlocked oil and natural gas deposits in the United States, more than doubling America’s recoverable oil and gas supplies. The revolution has happened in spite of the heavy-handed regulatory policies of President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress.

This paper describes how federal over-reach — the Clean Power Plan, for example, and other policies adopted by the Obama administration in the name of fighting climate change — is strangling the U.S. economy, costing taxpayers millions of dollars and sending good jobs overseas. They describe President-elect Donald Trump’s “America First Energy Plan” and conclude:

We must put behind us bogus “climate change” claims that would mislead us to strangle development of our energy resources. Rather, we must unleash our energy industries to produce massive job creation and rapid national economic growth, returning America to the road of energy independence and world leadership.


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