As a close ally and friend in the battle for a conservative America, we want you on board a vitally important effort – assuring the passage of major growth-inducing Tax Reform.

President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady have proposed pro-growth federal tax reform, to restore booming economic growth, job creation, rising real wages and incomes, and prosperity for the middle class, working people and the poor.  The basic tax reform components and policies to achieve these goals are straightforward, obvious, and generally agreed to among free market economists and citizen activists.

Fundamentals of Pro-Growth Tax Reform

The setback we experienced in repealing and replacing Obamacare was disappointing, but instructive.  Important elements of our society at large were not convinced and we found the same with our conservative base – AND we didn’t have in place the support system (“Healthcare Reform Truth Squad”) that understood the issues and could help us.  We must change this for tax reform with a “Tax Reform Truth Squad.” 

There are several issues that must be addressed if we are going to be victorious:

  • Timing
  • Outreach / recruitment of Truth Squad members
  • Training our Truth Squad members
  • Messaging to audience segments
  • Measuring progress
  • Funding

Download Tax Reform Truth Squad Flyer to share with your friends and family.

Join the Tax Reform Truth Squad

Let’s consider each issue:

  • Timing – because of Congress’ schedule – just nine weeks in session until the August recess – and the healthcare reform pending in the Senate, as well as budget issues following the August recess – it is unlikely the contentious tax issues will be effectively resolved, even in the House, before October / November. We have 5 months +/- to organize / educate.  And we need to arm Senate and House members BEFORE the August recess so they can be effective in fighting the “resistance movement” at town hall meetings and be supported by knowledgeable and forceful constituents. 
  • Outreach / recruitment of Truth Squad members: Over the years we have developed relationships with many tax experts, economists, state / local taxpayer groups, national and state based think tanks, state legislators through ALEC, federal / state / local business associations such as realtors, farm bureaus, NFIB, etc., with participation of many as part of our Tax Cut Working Group Coalition coordinated by Jim Martin (60+ Association), Dan Mitchell (CATO) and myself (NTLC).

We are continuing this process with aggressive outreach at the state / local level, especially of conservative youth groups such as Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), Young America’s Foundation, the Leadership Institute, State Policy Network organizations and state level business association affiliates. 

We realize that Republicans – through their party organizations are key to our recruitment and training efforts: Republican Women’s Federated, Young Republicans and College Republicans, Trump delegates, national / state Republican committee members, etc.

  • Training – We will hold webinars and use other training tools, including a social media campaign featuring short videos and YouTube – and printed materials as well.
  • Messaging – We will target messages to the various age groups to maximize likelihood of viewership – millennials (20 – 36), Gen X (37 – 56), Baby Boomers (57 – 71), Seniors (72+). We can use short messages around the theme of “An Un-Tax Moment” highlighting the issues that arise from the Trump / Ryan – Brady Tax Reform Plans about which there is broad consensus, allowing time and negotiation to resolve the contentious issues: (These will be “talking points” for our people to use at town hall and other public forums, on radio talk shows, in op-eds and letters to the editor, etc.)
    • Corporate tax rate reduction to 15% (our responsibility is to educate the people that up to 90 cents out of each corporate tax dollar is borne by working men and women in reduced wages and jobs. This is NOT a payoff to Wall Street.)
    • Establishing a territorial corporate tax system and bringing home, with a 10% tax, the $2.6 trillion that stands off shore because of double taxation
    • Lowering the “pass through” tax rate on unincorporated small businesses to provide fairness with the corporate tax and to encourage wage increases and job creation
    • Expensing capital expenditures in a single year instead of depreciating over time. This is the most powerful economic growth tool according to the Tax Foundation, Inc. 
    • Simplifying and reducing personal income tax rates and categories and increasing the family deductions, leading to a postcard size return for many
    • Cutting the capital gain and dividend tax rates and ending the alternative minimum tax.
    • And of enormous importance: KILLING the hated death tax “black flag” dead after 100 years!
  • Measuring progress – We will need a polling component to assure that our message is penetrating in those states, areas and districts which will be pivotal to the outcome.
  • Funding – Following is an estimated budget for this project:
Social media video campaign – national    $288,000
  8 videos @ 3-5million paid views each  
Social media campaign – district targeted    $73,000
  6-8 million paid post views    
Radio ad spend        $90,000
  Estimated 15 districts @ $8k/district    
Speaker series/support      $60,000
Polling          $200,000
Administration/overhead      $80,000


If you agree that we must team up on this – and work to educate our kindred spirits on these objectives – please become part of our tax cut “Tax Reform Truth Squad” and be willing to participate in outreach to our fellow taxpayers. 

We’re ready to do as much and reach as far as our resources will take us.  We need your help!

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